Monk Spade with Stainless Steel Handle | Lightweight

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This monk spade with a Stainless Steel handle is lightweight compared to others. Perfect kung fu long weapon for tournaments, demonstrations, and long practices. One side has a spade shaped head and other a crescent moon made from cold-rolled, chrome-plated steel affixed to a stainless steel shaft.  

The Monk Spade is a famous weapon of Shaolin Temple. Though it did serve to protect the wielder on journeys, its secondary use was to fulfill the monk’s religious responsibility to the dead by burying them. Due to its fan-like shape, the Monk Spade performed ably as a shovel for digging, hence its name.  

Monk Spade Approximately 73” overall

Monk Spade with Stainless Steel Handle is approx 4 lbs.


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