Miao Dao S Guard

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"S" Guard

The Miao Dao is a very long Chinese two handed dao sword which originated in China by General Qi Jiguang.  The long double handed sword was used by the Generals soldiers to counter against the samurai sword. This Miaodao has a strong resemblance to the Tai Chi Dao but it is much longer.  

This Miao Dao blade made of Stainless Steel has a mirror polished finish. The blade is very stiff. The Miao Dao is crafted with thick semi rounded spine to increase it's rigidity. The "S" shaped guard, pommel, and fittings are constructed of brass. The handle and scabbard are made of hardwood with a fine lacquer finish.

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55 1/4" Overall length
15" Handle
40" Blade
2.55 lbs
Stiff Blade virtually no flex.


Kenny Perez Miao Dao