Meridian Qigong

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Dr. Yang, Jwing- Ming will teach you Meridian Qigong, his special daily exercise routine. Follow along and learn how a unique combination of simple yoga stretches,qigong movements, and acupressure techniques, can relieve energy stagnation and rejuvenate your entire body!

All exercises are performed lying down and many can be done sitting, if prefered. Meridian Qigong will quickly improve your general health, and help you to heal and prevent injuries.

With regular practice you will notice that your entire body feels loose and comfortable, your reaction to stress will be calmer, and your circulation will be increased

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, PhD, is a world-renowned author, scholar, and teacher of qigong and martial arts. He has been involved in Chinese martial arts since 1961 and maintains more than 55 schools in 18 countries. Dr. Yang's writing and teaching include the subjects of kung fu, tai chi chuan, massage, meditation, and chin na, leading his authority on qigong. Dr. Yang is the author of more than 35 books and 80 videos.