Long-Handle General's Sword

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The Long-Handle General's Sword can be used for a two handed sword. It is heavy and can be used for kung fu power training. The balancing point is approximately 3" from the guard. The swords fittings are of an aluminum brass alloy casting. The deep engravings on the fittings are the ancient phoenix and dragon designs. This general's sword blade is stiff and made of high carbon steel. The blades first eight inches are ¼” thick flattened steel with the rest being diamond shaped complimented by two parallel fullers. The Long-Handle General's Sword has a rich brown wood handle and scabbard made from pear blossom wood that has been sanded smooth with a fine lacquer finish.

Approximate Specifications:

Blade length 30" with overall sword length of 43.5"

Handle 11.25" including pommel; Handle Width: 1.75"

Weight 3.55 lbs.