Long Handle Axe Wushu

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A logical evolution for the battle axe was to place its head on a longer shaft for greater reach and swinging power.  In Chinese battle this style of the Long Handle Axe could be used in multiple ways. The axe for swinging, the spear head for stabbing, and the counterbalance tip could stab from the opposite direction.  The counter balance has 6 attached rings that would also trap a weapon or inflict more damage to a wound. Chinese also believe the rings would dispel spirits.

The Long Handle Axe's head is made of hollow chrome-plated steel affixed to a brown wooden shaft with a counterbalance including 6 attached rings.

Approximate length 73.5"

  • Axe Head 10.5" wide
  • Spear tip approximately 4"
  • Approximate weight 4.10 lbs.