Liangong Healing Exercises for Better Health

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By Wen Mei Yu
160 pages, 7x10

Liangong is a series of ancient Chinese movements created to prevent and relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Liagong not only prevents or reduces pain and discomfort through gentle stretching controlled by the practitioner, but also increases range of motion, improves balance, adds muscular strength and develops internal power.

Liangong not only is among the world’s most effective treatments for a variety of ailments, it’s also among the easiest to perform. The complete set of Liangong exercises take as little as 20 minutes and can be performed virtually anywhere there’s space to stretch. More importantly, Liangong practitioners can individualize their practice based on the location and severity of their health problems.

Practicing Liangong in its entirety builds health and fitness while preventing pain and illness. Where pain and health problems exist, Liangong can relieve and heal. For healthy people, the exercises help maintain vitality.

Wen Mei Yu, one of the world’s most respected internal masters, takes you step by step through the discovery of Liangong, which is destined to become a fitness treasure for centuries to come.