Kung Fu Wooden Bench

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The Kung Fu Wooden Bench is an iconic weapon of kung fu cinema.  This wooden bench is made in the traditional tea house style, as seen in many kung fu movies, particularly Jackie Chan films.  The wooden bench is a traditional kung fu weapon. 

The ever-resourceful masters of old could make any object into a usable weapon; including a small bench! This old style of wooden bench was once a common piece of furniture in China’s restaurants. Nowadays, the bench can still be seen in use as a martial arts weapon in some kungfu styles, such as Hasayfu Hung Kuen's Dragon Head Wooden Bench set.

Weight: 15 lbs
Height: 18”
Length: 40”
Width (at widest point): 14”

Assembly is required. Wooden Benches are made to press-fit together, no tools are provided.

This is not an IKEA product.  The elements of this bench are traditional rough hewn wood.  It requires some woodworking tools and skills to custom fit the parts together.  The reward is an authentic, custom bench, you have hand fitted, in the ancient tradition.

No returns accepted.