Combat Blade Kung Fu Broadsword with Teak Scabbard

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This sword is constructed with a hand-forged spring steel blade that provides moderate flex; it is not at all like a wushu-style broadsword. It is not completely stiff either. The fittings are made of stamped brass. The scabbard and furniture are made of strong, natural teak wood.

Available in 28", 30” and 32” blade.

Please Note: The version of this sword with a 28" and 30" blade has fittings that slightly vary from what is pictured. The two brass "straps" in the middle are adorned with a four-hole "coin" pattern, as opposed to the six-hole pattern pictured. We have just found out that some of our inventory has light rust pits along both sides of the blade. Luckily they are not that noticeable and doesn't affect the sword in anyway other than appearance. This item is priced accordingly

Approximate Specifications

Sword Weight: 28" 1.20 lbs, 30" 1.55 lbs, 32" 1.70 lbs

Overall Weight (Sword + Scabbard): 28" 2.95 lbs, 30" 3.55 lbs, 32" 3.65 lbs

Fittings: Stamped Brass

Wood Material: Teak Wood

Blade Flexibility: Moderate

Tang: Full

Balance Point: 4"

Handle Length:  7 1/8"