Kung Fu Broadsword with Deluxe Fittings

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The Kung Fu Broadsword with Deluxe Fittings is constructed with a hand-forged high carbon steel blade that provides moderate flex. The fittings are made of stamped brass featuring ornate patterning. The scabbard and handle are made of beautiful Pear Blossom Wood. This Kung Fu Broad sword is used in traditional style martial arts training.

Blade length 34", Sword weight 2.85 lbs., with scabbard weight 5.45 lbs.

Blade length 32", Sword weights 2.6 lbs., with scabbard weight 5 lbs.

Blade length 30", Sword weights 2.1 lbs., with scabbard weight 4.5 lbs.

Blade length 28", Sword weights 1.9 lbs., with scabbard weight 4.1 lbs.


These swords are made by the Long Chuan sword factory, They are hand forged so specifications given can vary slightly for each Sword.