Kung Fu Broadsword w/ Deluxe Fittings-Teak Wood

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The Kung Fu Broadsword with Deluxe Fittings has a hand-forged high carbon steel blade. This is a well-balanced broadsword making it feel lighter, being easier to maneuver and is great for traditional Chinese Kung Fu competition, practice, and demonstrations. The blade has moderate flex. The broadswords scabbard made of Teak Wood is thick and sturdy with beautifully crafted deluxe stamped brass fittings. The handle also made of Teak Wood is sanded smooth. This Kung Fu Broadsword includes free satin flags and free carrying case that cannot be returned for an exchange.

Blade Lengths Available: 28", 30", 32", 34"

Approximate Sword Specifications

Sword Weight: 28" 1.50 lbs, 30" 1.65 lbs, 32" 1.85 lbs, 34" 2.10 lbs

Sword Weight with Scabbard: 28" 3.35 lbs, 30" 3.40 lbs, 32" 3.65 lbs, 34" 4 lbs

Sword Flexibility: Moderate

Handle Length: 7 1/4"

Balancing Point: 1 1/4"

Guard Width 3 5/8"

Wood Material: Teak Wood

Fittings: Brass (Stamped)