Kung Fu Broadsword Long Chuan Dao

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Made from a highly respected family in Long Chuan village, this kung fu broadsword is a grade beyond the regular Long Chuan weapons. The steel for the blades is much higher quality as we have had a higher grade of steel (high carbon content) delivered to the maker. The blade itself has a moderate flex, good balance, and a good feel.  The 28" - 32" blade lengths can hold its own weight when placed on the blades tip which is essential for most tournaments excluding wushu.  Sword comes with flags and scabbard.

Approximate sword weight: 1.6 lbs - 2.0 lbs. (varies by sword & blade length) 
Unsharpened; Moderate Flex

Shen Family Swords: Many sword-making families now live in Long Quan, but the most famous among them is the Shen family. The Shen family's swords have been known to have the best quality and skill for hundreds of years. In the 1911 Long Quan Master Sword competition, a sword forged by the third generation of the Shen family stabbed through three solid brass blanks as well as split a sword from another maker in half, thus earning the title "King of Swords." The Shen family Long Quan Master Sword were praised as national treasure in China by the people of the highest social class. In 1942, a Long Quan Master Sword was made for the second president of the Republic of China by special request and in 1955, a special customized Long Quan Master Sword was made for General Mao Zhe Don.