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ツIp Man 2

After the Sino Japanese War, Ip Settles in Hong Kong with his family.ツ With the help of his friend he starts to teach Wing Chun on a rooftop to earn a living.ツ His first apprentice, Wong Leung, has picked a quarrel with apprentices of Hung Quan.ツ Wong is kidnapped after he wins the fight.ツ Ip then rushes to the fish market alone to save Wong.ツ He meets the master of Hung Quan Nam there.ツ Ip wants to live in peace but Hung always gives him troubles.ツ However, they both admire each other for Wu Shu accomplishment.ツ In a day, a western boxing competition turns into chaos.ツ The Champion, Twister, takes this chance to mop up all Chinese Wu Shu masters, insult them in public which makes Ip decides not to hold back anymore.ツ He steps up on the stage to fight for Chinese dignity.ツ

Hong Kong film starツDonnie Yenツreprises his role as Ip Man in this semi-autobiographical sequel following the adventures of the grand master of Wing Chun. The Sino-Japanese War has ended, and after defending his people with wushu, Ip escapes the wrath of the Japanese by fleeing to Foshan. Failing to find peace even in his own homeland, Ip relocates his family to Hong Kong in 1949. Once there, Ip begins teaching Wing Chun to a group of pupils that includes Wong Leung (Huang Xiao Ming), who soon clashes with Cheng Wei Ki (Dennis To). Embarrassed at having been beaten so badly by Wong in a fight, Cheng kidnaps his rival and takes him to a fish market owned by Master Hung (Sammo Hung). Blaming Ip for the damage done by Wong, Master Hung demands that the other teacher defeat practitioners of all wushu varieties in the time it takes to burn a single joss stick. Incredibly, Ip meets the challenge, impressing Master Hung, who then gives him permission to open his own wushu school. When Master Hung gives Ip a ticket to the King of Boxing Competition, a friendship is forged between the two former rivals. After a competitor nicknamed Twister is named the winner, he beats Cheng and friends for celebrating with wushu, and claims he can defeat Master Hung with three simple blows. Though Master Hung maintains the upper hand throughout most of the fight, Twister eventually lands a punch that knocks his superior down. In the wake of the fight, tensions between the locals and Westerners begin heating up, and the local superintendent responds by announcing a kung fu competition. When Ip defeats all challengers, including Twister, Wing Chun gains popularity throughout Hong Kong, and the highly respected master begins teaching a young disciple namedツBruce Lee, who will bring the art of Chinese wushu to Westerners before dying tragically at the tender age of 32. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Actors:ツDonnie To,ツFan Siu-Wong,ツYuen Biao,ツHuang Yi

  • Directors:ツHerman Yau Lai To,ツTony Leung Siu Hung
  • Format:ツColor, Widescreen, Dubbed, Multiple Formats
  • Language:ツCantonese, English
  • Subtitles:ツEnglish
  • Dubbed:ツEnglish
  • Region:ツRegion A/1ツ
  • Aspect Ratio:ツ1.78:1
  • Number of discs:ツ2
  • Rated:ツNR (Not Rated)
  • Studio:ツFunimation
  • DVD Release Date:ツDecember 13, 2011
  • Run Time:ツ100 minutes
  • ASIN:ツB005NQ5LSC