Intermediate Yin-Yang Medical Qi Gong Shifu Jianye Jiang

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This form was created by Jiang Jianye after researching many different types of Qi Gong in China. It is a combination derived particularly from the philosophies and forms of White Crane, Big Geese, Wisdom, and Fragrant Qi Gong. As a practice, it periodically returns to all the main acupuncture points and the organs to bring energy into them, to maintain health and vitality, and to enhance Qi.

Shifu Jianye Jiang was born in 1950 and has studied Wushu since he was 5 years old, learning from well-known masters such as Yu Mingwei, Yu Hai, and many others. He received a BA and master's degree from Qufu University and Shanghai Physical Education Institute. A national and international judge in China and the U.S., he is also a master calligrapher and winner of national and international awards. Sales of his calligraphy have garnered more than $10,000; all of which was donated to the Shandong Disabled Association. He has also acted in movies produced in China, Australia, and Japan.

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