Stainless Steel Heavy Kwan Dao 9 lb

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The Heavy Kwan Dao is used in traditional Kung Fu training. Its stiff blade and hollow counterweight are of thick, stainless steel. The dragon-head guard – the signature of the Kwan Dao – is finely detailed brass. The approximate weight is 9 lbs. The Kwan Dao is 85" overall and the blade is 23.5" long by 8" wide at widest point. Blade is blunt.

General Kwan (the man for whom the weapon is named) wielded a long-handled broadsword that some say weighed 100 pounds or more. For traditional martial artists a heavy Kwan Dao is better. A heavier weapon is nearly impossible to use without proper form, forcing the student to learn the correct technique – or to have very sore shoulders. A heavier weapon also strengthens the muscles of the arms and legs for supporting the Kwan Dao and increases their endurance as they swing the weapon longer and longer.