Chi Hu Golden Tiger Tai Chi Sword by Shen Guang Long

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The Chi Hu Golden Tiger Tai Chi Sword is a unique premium high quality sword from the Shen Guang Long Sword Factory.  You might never see another sword of this quality.

Blade: 33.5"
Overall length: 44.75"
Total weight: 4.75 lbs
Sword weight: 2.15 lbs

Blade: The blade is made of hand-forged Damascus Steel with a finely polished finish. It has a full-tang making it strong and sturdy. There is characters for "Shen Guang Long" engraved on one side. The sword is shipped sharpened.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from rosewood making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing. The fittings on the sword and the scabbard are made of solid steel.

Full Tang