Twin Dragon Ying Yang Kung Fu Fighting Steel Fan

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Fighting Fans are constructed with steel spines covered in a durable nylon fabric with the twin dragon design. Steel Kung Fu Fighting Fans, when folded can be used to club and jab, similar to a small baton. This type of Fighting Fan is a famous kung fu weapon made to be effective fighting tool. Available in Red or Black.

  • Approximate Weight: 1.1 lbs.
  • Approximate Length (Folded): 13.5"
  • Approximate Width (Open, Measured at Widest Point): 24"

Please Note: The Kung Fu Steel Fighting Fans have slight manufacturer imperfections such as little spots of the design missing from being folded before being completely cooled. These imperfections do not effect the use only the aesthetics. The sale of this item is final and no returns or exchanges will be honored.

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