Feng Shui – Secrets That Change Your Life

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Bring immediate change into your life! Buying or renting? Check out the tips on what to look for when considering a move – or those for improving where you live now. Birth Year Personal Directions, a Personal Direction Chart, and an easy method for seeing what needs to change in coming years will bring new energy for positive change.

Helen Yeap and Li Pak Ting combine the most salient and practical aspects of Feng Shui – the ancient art of harmonious placement of objects in your surroundings – into one usable reference so you can positively change the forces in your life. They show you how to alter the two most important facets of your home – the front door and bedroom – to quickly improve the flow of Chi, or universal energy, in your home.

The author’s professional advice will help you design a harmonious environment for yourself and all members of your household. Since Feng Shui changes from year to year, instructions for 1996 (so you can look back) to 2000 are included, making this book a timely reference. Stop waiting – use the paper Keiloons and mirror to optimize or correct the flow of Chi in your home right now!