Dragon Face Straight Sword Limited

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Blade: This sword blade is made out of high carbon steel. It it not sharpened, very sturdy and considered not flexible.  The balancing point of the sword is approximately 4.5" from the guard on the blade side. The tempering process gives the blade a satin finish. One side of the blade has a hand engraved dragon with seven stars and the other side has Chinese character of the sword maker with characters for “Treasure sword of the house.”

Fittings: Solid cast bi-metal fittings are intricately engraved with different images of dragons. The hand guard is designed following the fluid image of a tamed evil dragon’s face. The finish on all fittings is an antique copper color.

Scabbard: Solid plum blossom wood which has dark rich brown and light yellow- brown grain. It has been sanded to a fine and smooth surface then sealed with a natural oil finish.

Recommended: Use for traditional style power training, a hard work out, combat training, decoration or as an ideal gift.

Approximate Overall length: 38" with 28" blade.
Approximate Blade length available: 28", 30", and 32"
Approximate Sword weight:  2.55 lbs. (28"), 2.65 lbs. (30"), 2.95 lbs. (32")
Approximate Total weight:  4.05 lbs. (28"), 4.15 lbs. (30"), 4.55 lbs. (32")
Approximate Handle length: 8.5"