Double Tiger Hook Swords, Lightweight Semi Flexible Blade

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The Double Tiger Hook Swords are lightweight, made of semi flexible pieces of chrome steel. They are sold in sets of two. These hook swords are available in 38" and 35" lengths. 

The Double Hooks (sometimes called “Tiger Hooks” or “Tiger Head Hook Swords”) are traditional Northern kung fu weapons that have been gaining in popularity. Not only are they granted great distinction because of their outlandish – though distinctly attractive – appearance, but also because of their great inventiveness and utility. Unlike other weapons, most of which have only one or two striking surfaces, the Double Hooks can be used at a variety of ranges in a multitude of ways. The dagger-blades and the crescent moon guards can be used for slashing and stabbing at close range. The blades and hooks can cut, penetrate, and even catch enemy weapons (or the enemy) at medium range. And the swords can be hooked together and lashed out for great, sweeping cuts at long range.

*  Approximately Length 38” overall by 6.25" wide/4.25" Handle, Weights range approximately 2.6 lbs. per pair 

Approximately Length 36” overall by 6.25" wide/4.25" Handle, Weights range approximately 2.4 lbs. per pair