Double Halberd Stainless Steel Two Section

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One of the 18 Traditional Weapons, the Halberd is most often identified as an imperial guard’s weapon. The crescent moon cutting blade, the Halberd’s trademark, is a highly effective cutter. The double blades allow for deceptive cuts that can switch direction instantly or attacking while recovering from a missed stroke. It can thrust and cut the enemy and be used to jam, trap and hook the enemy's weapons. The mass of two blades gives it more chopping power than a spear or a single crescent halberd. A mighty, yet sophisticated and elegant weapon.

Weight: 7.9lbs

Overall Length: 81"

Spear Head Protrusion: 6"

Length of Crescent: 9.5"

Width: 11"

Point of Balance: 32.5" from tip

Top Section: 42.5"

Bottom Section: 38" Not including threads