Delux Combat Steel Double Deer Horn

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Deluxe Series is made for true Black Belt Club, Master level.

Traditional Baguazhang utilizes a unique weapon called the Deer Horn sword. The Combat Double Deer horn swords have full handles designed to be held by either side of the hands and are made of rosewood Recognizing the advantages of training and fighting with two weapons, these solid stainless steel beveled edge Combat Double Deer Horn swords are always used as a pair. Their form, usage and application is described in Liang Shou Yu, Wu Wen Ching, and Yang Jwing Ming's book, Baguazhang - Theory and Applications.

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These Combat Deer horn swords are unique having the beveled edge on both sides of each deer horn and having a full handle not flat on one side.

  • Approximate Total Measurement (per Deer Horn): 11.5"
  • Approximate Weight (per Deer Horn): 1.10 lb.
  • Approximate Top Hook Lengths: 5" (longer) and 2.5" (shorter)
  • Approximate Bottom Hook Lengths: 2.5" (longer) and 2" (shorter)
  • Unsharpened edges.