Damascus Steel Kwan Dao

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This Damascus Steel Kwan Dao has stainless steel shaft with a blade length of 27" long and is a two piece making it portable and easy to carry. The overall length of this kwan dao is 81" The width of the blade measured from the base of the blade is approximately 3/8" thick and has an overall weight of 13.25 lbs. The blade itself is made of damascus steel giving the blade a nice looking distinctive pattern of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water.Forms utilizing the weapon in nearly all traditional styles of Chinese martial arts, emphasize strong slashing movements and momentum to keep the heavy blade moving through a series of spinning cuts. This Damascus Steel Kwan Dao with its considerable weight forms good training for the overall conditioning of the body.

Blade Length: 27"

Blade Width: 3/8"

Shaft:Stainless Steel

Blade Material: Damascus Steel

Overall Weight: 13.25 Lbs

Overall Length: 81