Crouching Tiger: Taming the Warrior Within By Loren W. Christensen

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By Loren W. Christensen
Pages: 144 pages

We all have within us a crouching tiger, that is, a warrior spirit that may be aggressive, intense, easily unleashed, or it may be quiet and rarely show itself.

Within some its buried deeply, the result of profound religious beliefs, psychological factors or other influences. Though deep, it is nonetheless there, waiting. With the majority it lies in wait just under the thin veneer of today's societal graces. These people are soldiers, police officers, martial artists, street thugs, athletes, hunters, barroom brawlers, corporate executives, politicians, mothers and fathers.

Loren W. Christensen - soldier, policeman, martial artist - has called upon his warrior spirit in a wide range of violent encounters: grueling karate and jujitsu matches, brutal barroom brawls and street fights as a military policeman in Saigon, Vietnam, shootings, riots, and gang warfare as a police officer in Portland, Oregon, and fights in the mean streets.