Cosmic Orbit Qigong DVD by Master Zhongxian Wu

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Cosmic Orbit Qigong is an advanced internal cultivation practice from the Mt EMei Shamanic Qigong tradition. This 12 movement form utilizes key components of ancient shamanic Qigong lineages: mudra, mantra and visualization. The first seven movements focus on strengthening YangQi (vitality) and refining the Qi of your five organ systems. The last five movements activate the meridians to allow the Qi to flow smoothly through the microcosmic orbit of your body.


  • By Master Zhongxian Wu: EMei Zheng lineage holder
  • Instruction and explanation of healing and internal alchemy benefits
  • Fully guided and uninterrupted practice
  • Chair Style Cosmic Orbit Qigong includedツ
  • Complete learning tool for students of any traditional Qigong form
  • High level practitioners looking to deepen their practice will benefit