Conceptual Self-defense: A Personal Guide to Self-Protection

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By C.V. Rhoades
Pages: 108 pages

Successful self-defense begins with your most powerful weapon: your mind. Conceptual Self-Defense is your guide to harnessing your natural survival instinct to overcome fear and respond quickly and decisively when faced with a threat. Author C. V. Rhoades examines the role our natural instincts play in self-defense: why we typically ignore them, how we can learn to tune in to them, and why we should listen carefully to what they are telling us in a crisis.

With this knowledge as a foundation, you will discover specific methods for controlling fear, avoiding potentially dangerous situations, preparing yourself for a potential threat, understanding the role of weapons in an assault, and dealing with an assailant both physically and mentally. With a clear message and a wealth of experience, C.V. Rhoades brings a unique perspective to the role of self-protection in our daily lives.