Compact Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

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This Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is made with a compact design and half-trunk, making it take much less space than a traditionally designed wooden dummy. The trunk of the dummy has 3 large wood pieces joined together known as laminating. The wooden dummy trunk and wall mount is composed of Shanmu Wood, a strong wood that is often used in furniture, building construction, and bridge-building. The arms, legs, and frame (except for the horizontal supports) are made of the same material. The horizontal supports of the frame on which the trunk rests are steel struts that give some "spring", allowing the compact dummy to absorb a comparable amount of force to a traditional, full-sized wooden dummy. Please note: The appearance of the steel horizontal struts may vary from what is pictured.

  • Approximate Trunk Height: 56"
  • Approximate Trunk Diameter (at widest point): 7"
  • Approximate Frame Height: 64"
  • Approximate Frame Width: 48"
  • Approximate Arm Length (protruding from Trunk): 12"
  • Approximate Leg Length (protruding from Trunk): 25"
  • Frame Included.


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