Combat Steel Trident - Stainless Steel

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The Combat Steel Trident head is constructed of high-carbon steel and is very solid and durable. It is approximately 20" long at its longest point, and 16" wide at its widest point.  Includes large red tassel. 

Combat Steel Trident Shaft: Thick-walled steel tubing is used for this weapon's shaft and has an attached metal counter weight. The shafts construction allows it to be hollow (to reduce weight), yet remain very strong and completely stiff. The majority of the shaft’s length is colored in a very, very dark maroon (very near black), with the last 4.5" colored in gold. Overall length, including shaft and head, is approximately 84". The shafts diameter is approximately 1.25”.

Approximate Weight: 11.25 lbs.

Recommended use: The Combat Steel Trident weapon is made for use in traditional external kung fu training, demonstration, and competition.