Combat Stainless Steel 9 Rings Kwan Dao

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Our Combat Steel Nine rings Kwan Dao is constructed with a strong, stainless steel to protect the blade from rust and corrosion. The blade comes dulled for safety but can be sharpened, and the stainless steel will help keep a strong edge. A 9-ring Kwan Dao is a popular variation of the traditional Kwan Dao, with the rings along the spine of the blade used for distraction and catching other weapons. This version of the Kwan Dao has thicker and stronger brass rings and a perfect balance of weight at 6 lbs.

Approximately 27.5” blade, 71” overall; Weight: 5.7 lbs.

The 9-Ring Kwan Dao has much in common with the standard Kwan Do both in form and function. The primary distinction is the absence of the dorsal hook and saw blades, now replaced by 9 rings along the spine.

-(Shaolin DVD #44) Horse Cutter Knife (Pudao) Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu