Premium Quality Combat Double Butterfly Swords

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These Combat Double Butterfly Swords are made of Damascus steel and weigh approximately 2 lbs. each. The Damascus blades have a satin finish with a length of 12" and the handles 5" making the overall length 17". The Combat Double Butterfly Swords blade thickness starts at 1/4" and tapers to 1/8” with the blades width at the guard area 2.5" and widest part is 2.75".  The Butterfly Swords guard is made of solid brass with a stylish engraving.  These swords can be used for Chinese Kung Fu, Hung Gar style, Wing Chun training and other styles of martial arts. The Combat Double Butterfly Swords includes a free Chinese gift box with a yellow silk lined interior as well as a black leather sheath. These Combat Double Butterfly swords are an exclusive weapon for sale only by WLE.

Blades: Semi-Sharp