Chinese Fitness

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Author: Liu Qingshan
Pages: 140

Qigong, the Chinese study, practice, and cultivation of life energy, is an ancient fitness and healing method. This book presents two complete sets of simple, invigorating Qigong exercises that improve the flow of Qi in your body, while at the same time toning and stretching the major muscle groups, increasing your energy, and helping you relax.

Unlike many Western exercises that center on mindless repetition and aggressive movements, Qigong is an effective fitness alternative that involves the mind as much as the body. You will learn to gently focus your attention on Qi, breathing, posture, and simple, revitalizing movements. This book also explains the basic concepts of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Today, thousands of people throughout China practice Qigong every day to stay fit, and more.