Chi Kung: Taoist Secrets of Fitness and Longevity

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By Wen Mei Yu

Chi Kung is the ancient Chinese art of “preventative medicine”. Practice of Chi Kung can strengthen health to treat disease, make the practitioner disease resistant, prevent chronic ailments, and prolong life. Literally translated, “Chi Kung” means “breathing energy” but it is much, much more.

Chi Kung is the practice of the development, assimilation and storage of Chi (vital energy). The practice involves the attainment of skills that allow the practitioner to gather, dispel, direct and store this energy. Although people have a variety body mechanics and proper performance of the movements encourage the flow of the same energy which is the basic of the science of Acu-Meridian therapy (Chinese massage and acupuncture). In fact, Chi Kung is an integral part of Chinese medicine.

Unlike other works on the subject, this book was carefully framed to be understood by the Western mind without losing the flavor and spirit of Chi Kung’s Chinese origins. For the first time ever, the secrets of the Wild Goose Chi Kung form are brought to the Western world in easily understood terms.

166 pages; 7x10