Cheng Style Swimming Dragon Cascade Palm Part 1 by Shifu Jiang Jianye

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Everybody knows Dong Hai-Chuan, the founder of Bagua Zhang. He taught many students in Beijing and in Hebei Province for many years. His two top students were Cheng Ting-Hua and Yin Fu. They later separated to spread his teaching, one student went to teach Bagua in East Beijing and one went to West Beijing. Although each student had added their own unique technique to his teachings, the essences of Dong Hai-Chuan's teachings are sill preserved. This video shows part of Cheng Ting-Hua's Swimming Dragon form.

Shifu Jianye Jiang was born in 1950 and has studied Wushu since he was 5 years old, learning from well-known masters such as Yu Mingwei, Yu Hai, and many others. He received a BA and master's degree from Qufu University and Shanghai Physical Education Institute. A national and international judge in China and the U.S., he is also a master calligrapher and winner of national and international awards. Sales of his calligraphy have garnered more than $10,000; all of which was donated to the Shandong Disabled Association. He has also acted in movies produced in China, Australia, and Japan.

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