Chen Taijiquan Lao Jia Yi Lu Applications

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This tape presents a sampling of martial applications from the "basic training" form of Chen Style Taijiquan - Lao Jia Yi Lu, or the First Form of the Old Frame. The genius of Taijiquan's formal training can be seen in its generalized character, training the practitioner to respond to changing circumstances and, potentially, attacking in any direction; whereas many other styles of martial art train individuals in fixed drills by rote practice. The latter can be an effective way of giving a practitioner an immediate set of combat skills; however, the long-term benefits of a more generalized training can make for a more flexible and proactive fighter.

Master Ren Guang-Yi is one of the premier students of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. He has devoted his energies to the practice and teaching of classical Chen boxing throughout the United States and abroad.