Biu Jee: Concepts & Principles Part 1 and Part 3

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The third hand form is Biu Jee or Shooting Fingers. In volume 1, Randy Williams starts with the complete Biu Jee form. Next is a detailed breakdown of part one motions and principles including: Combining the Forms o Advanced Biu Jee Pivoting o Spring Fingers Strike o Wrist Snapping Power o Four-Way Wrist Whipping o Horizontal Forearm Strikes o Grabbing Techniques o Crawling Trap o Butting Elbow Strike o Nosecone Defenses o Rolling Strikes on the Ground o Complex Timing. - VHS Format.

Volume 3:ツ Continues with Randy Williams' explanations of Biu Jee principles plus another look at the complete form in slow motion. Biu Jee principles in this video include: Inward Diagonal Punch o Finding the Root of all Punches in Wing Chun Blocks o Determining the Centerline o Blending Punch Principles o Abbreviated Pivoting Stance o Forward/Backward Headbutting o The Wing Chun Bob & Weave o Locking/Stopkicking from a position of extreme disadvantage o Kick Facing o Correlation of Wing Chun Leg Blocks to Hand Blocks and more. - VHS Format.