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Assembly is a 2007 Chinese war film written by Liu Heng and directed by Feng Xiaogang. It starred Zhang Hanyu, Deng Chao, Yuan Wenkang, Tang Yan, Wang Baoqiang, Liao Fan, Hu Jun, Ren Quan and Li Naiwen. The film, ostensibly portraying an anti-war theme, was first released on 20 December 2007. It won the 2008 Hundred Flowers Awards and the 2009 Golden Rooster Awards for Best Film.

The story begins in 1948 during the Huaihai Campaign of the Chinese Civil War. Gu Zidi, a PLA captain, commands his 9th Company in siege to a town defended by NRA forces. The company captures the town despite sustaining heavy casualties in an ambush. After witnessing his political commissar being brutally killed by an enemy field gun operator, Gu orders the surrendering NRA prisoners-of-war to be shot, but his command is met mainly with refusal. Gu is imprisoned as punishment. He quickly befriends his cellmate, Wang Jincun, an army teacher and pacifist who is jailed for showing cowardice on the battlefield. Gu's superior, Liu Zeshui, soon sends Gu and his remaining 46 men off on a new assignment: to defend to the last man (with limited resources) the regiment's flank ・€・ an old mine on the south bank of the Wen River ・€・ and to not retreat until he hears the bugle call for assembly with the regiment. Gu also receives permission to take Wang as his new political commissar.