Arthritis Relief: The Chinese Way of Healing & Prevention

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Featuring Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

The Qigong exercises demonstrated in this video are an easy, natural way to arthritis relief. Qigong, the cultivation of the body's vital energy, is a traditional Chinese healing practice that complements modern health care and can be learned and practiced by anyone.

Requiring no special equipment or complicated movements, Qigong has been successfully applied to arthritis for centuries by the Chinese. Regular practice will rebuild the strength and mobility of affected joints and keep healthy joints arthritis-free.

  • Relieve your pain with gentle exercises, acupressure, and massage
  • Easy, self-treatment techniques cover major areas of arthritis infection
  • Learn and practice at home
  • Practice by yourself or with a partner
  • Enjoy natural relief from your arthritis
VHS; 78 minutes