A Los Angeles Bouncer's Guide to Practical Fighting

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By Noah Knapp

As a bouncer in some of the top night clubs in Los Angeles, Sifu Noah Knapp has seen first hand what works in a street fight and what doesn t. In fact, he s used the techniques he teaches in A Los Angeles Bouncer s Guide to Practical Fighting to subdue violent drunks, disarm knife wielding attackers and break up full scale melees. More importantly, he s learned to recognize a situation about to go bad and size up an opponent s strengths and weaknesses in the critical seconds before a fight begins. In this guide to practical fighting techniques, Sifu Knapp combines his 20+ years of experience in Kung Fu with his knowledge gained as a professional bouncer to create a crash course in surviving a fight without spending years training in the martial arts. Learn how to position yourself so you can easily protect your vital targets, which strikes and kicks work on practically any opponent, how to defend against the most common attacks with simple 2 or 3 step responses, how to escape from headlocks, grabs and chokes, and many more valuable skills that could save your life.

168 pages; 8.8 x 6 x 0.6 inches