8 Piece Brocades & 18 Qigong

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These are the traditional/original version before Chinese Health Qigong Association's contemporary synchronized version. Eight Piece Brocades (ba duan jin) is an eight-part, centuries-old Chinese exercise suitable for all ages.  Shibashi (Sabashi) Qigong is a gentle, beautiful and flowing qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing.  It's also a complete exercise routine it can also be used as a warm up for the tai chi forms or other types of physical exercises.  Master Smith presents both demonstration first and teaches in English with Explanations step by step for each posture. It is a easy to follow practice.  Sabashi pattern is very good for people who want to move on to Yang style tai chi forms because it introduces the basic elements of weight shifting, coordination of hand and leg movements together with controlled breathing.