7th and 8th Famous Boxing Techniques of Shaolin

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7th: Seven-Star Boxing is the outstanding pattern of Shaolin Qixing sect, also one of the fundamental patterns of this, legs move like rooster, head moves like monkey, body moves like dragon. The mind is always vigilant. Hide tremendous strength and do not use all of it. Seek the opponent's force and fight back in no time. Useful in a very limited court. Exquisite and flexible is Seven-Star Boxing. 

8th: It is said that Jinnaluo Wang, the stove-keeping monk of Shaolin Temple, founded the Plum-Blossom Boxing. It corresponds to the plum blossom, which has five petals, and the five petals hold together. The five styles counteract with each other, connect with each other. It is natural and free, strong and quick, skipping and jumping. Use both fist and foot, sometimes real, sometimes fake, it is suitable for teenagers.