72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple

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Ed. Wu Jianming (5.5” x8”, 285 pp.)

|n|This is one of the most intense Shaolin training manuals ever written, and it is available in English again! This book contains 72 of the most amazing descriptions of disciplines used to attain the most astounding martial skills. Once treasured secrets of the Shaolin monks, their incredible techniques are the magic power of legends. Revealed are the methods behind the legendary techniques such as Five-Poison Hand, Iron Shirt, Iron Sands, Flying Arts, and many more! Also included are the explanations of martial arts acupoints and medicinal recipes, plus three full-color charts of pressure points. A necessity for every martial artist!|n|

What other martial artists talk about this book:
"I have the book, and I feel it brings back the true core of the Shaolin practices. Anyone can learn to fight using a number of different martial arts styles, however the person who masters a single consumate art will have a powerful advantage." Russ from WLE Forum