5th and 6th Famous Boxing Techniques of Shaolin

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5th: Also trained "The Tai Zu Long Punch." Founded by Zhao Kuangyin, the Taizu of Song Dynasty, it was spread to Songhan Shaolin Temple, and evolved by the masters. With abundant contents, tight attacking and defending, flexible movement, useful in combat, it belongs to the short hand style of Shaolin Kaman. In the Shaolin Boxing manual, long punch means short hand beating and short hand beating is called long punch. There is a song said like this: Taizu's long punch spreads everywhere. Strong and hard praised by people. Astonishing the earth, the sky, and the sea. Moving the mountains, and splitting the stone. Peacock looks at the sun, swallows skims the water, Hungry tiger rushes at prey, dragon stirs the sand. Bursting, wrestling, squeezing, leaning on, and attacking and defending, taking in and sending out open and close at last. 

6th: It is a representative set pattern of minor style in Shaolin Wushu and a starting point pattern. The movement is strict, easy to attack and defend. Turn defending to attacking. Shift from non-shape to shape. While doing every step, always have one hand protecting the heart, or the temple, or the chest, or the Huiyin, or the other fatal points. It emphasizes that "length is endurable, defense is protecting. Attacking without shape, with shape not attacking, a slight move of grasping hand can move a person. No matter how it changes, it is always in the principle.