3rd and 4th Famous Boxing Techniques of Shaolin

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3rd: According to the Shaolin Boxing manual in the Song dynasty, it is the Shaolin Temple Master Fuju, who adapted the Tongbi Boxing into the manual. With the training and practice of man masters from then on, it has become one of the famous Shaolin Boxing Techniques. It was evolved from the arm movement of apes and monkeys taking over the spirit but without the form of apes and monkeys. It is the only pictographic boxing that belongs to non-pictographic boxing. Short but forceful, quick and sharp, attacking and defending tightly, open and close at ease, are its characteristics. 

4th: It is one of the quintessence of Shaolin Wushu taught only inside the Shaolin Temple. Liu He means inside the three accordance and the outside three accordance. The inside three accordance is the heart in accordance with the mind, the mind in accordance with the Qi and the Qi in accordance with the force. The outside three accordance is the hand in accordance with the foot, the elbow in accordance with the knee, the shoulder in accordance with the hip. They represent the key points of Shaolin Kung Fu. It emphasizes the concentration of inside strength, the circulation of Qi, with six in one.