3 Piece Kwan Dao

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This 3 Piece Kwan Dao is a uniquely crafted piece that has bi metal fittings for the dragon guard and end cap.The 3 Piece Kwan Dao has a dragon engraved on both sides of the blade and is made of high carbon stainless steel blade with an approximate length of 23 1/4". The shaft is painted (black) stainless steel with padded leather wrapped handle. This 3 Piece Kwan Dao includes a stand making it great for display. The overall length measures 79" and weighs approximately 13.75 lbs and the part where the Kwan Dao screws together has General Kwan Dao.

Blade Length: 23 1/4"

Approximate Weight; 13.75

Overall Length: 79"

Shaft Material: Stainless Steel (Painted Black)

Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel