Tai Chi Ying Yang Straight Sword

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The Tai Chi Yin Yang Straight Sword is a well crafted sword with a unique design. Most notably, the guard is the yin yang symbol which is split when drawing the sword. This Chinese single straight sword is also sturdy yet lightweight. The 28" and 30" can hold their own weight when resting on its tip, while still being a flexible blade. The sword is well balanced and great for beginner and intermediate practitioners who are performing traditional style martial arts. The handle and scabbard are made of hardwood while the guard, pommel, and fittings are made of alloy. You will be able to practice movements and forms with ease. Sword includes a free tassel and sword case.



2.20lbs Overall / 1.25lbs Sword

Grip - 5.75"


2.25lbs Overall / 1.30lbs Sword

Grip - 5.75"


2.40lbs Overall / 1.40lbs Sword

Grip - 6"

Note: Sword stand is not included.

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