Big Dragon Sword with Pattern on Blade Discountinued

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The Big Dragon Sword is a quality High Carbon Steel made by the Shen Guang Long Sword Factory historically known in China for its hand forged swords. These swords are handmade so weights and sizes can slightly vary.

The Big Dragon Sword has a full-tang making it strong and sturdy.  There is a seven-star Little Dipper constellation engraved on one side and the Chinese characters for  "Shen Guang Long" engraved on the other. This blade is diamond shaped. The handle is a nice smooth natural wood finish. The guard is also nice and smooth against the hand. The guard and fittings are all alloy cast and have immaculate detail. The scabbard and handle are made from Pear Wood that has medium light walnut stain, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a light brown color. 


Blade Lengths Available: 28", 30", 32"


Sword Specifications

Handle Length: 5 1/2"

Overall weight (sword+scabbard):28" 3.55, 30" 3.70, 32" 4.45 lbs

Sword Weight:28" 2.15, 30" 2.25, 32" 2.85 lbs

Sword Flexibility: Stiff

Tang: Full

Blade Type: Diamond

Fittings: Alloy

Wood Material: Pear Wood

Blade Material: High Carbon Steel


This item will be discontinued