Wushu Competition Sword w/ Steel Handle

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Blade: The Steel Handled Wushu Competition Sword is made with a hand-forged, spring steel blade. The blade is hollow-ground, and is stiff up until the last half of the blade (approximately), where it become very flexible. The blade is excellent for wushu practitioners especially advanced level, as it does not flop but is still lightweight and "snaps". The Wushu Competition Sword is widely used in China by wushu practitioners. There is a dragon engraved on one side, with other engraved with "Shen Guang Long" and a sun & moon symbol. Shen Guang Long is the family forge that made the blade.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard is made of graphite, with the handle being made of light steel and stamped with "Shen Guang Long" on both sides. The guard and pommel are made of cast brass. The fittings on both the scabbard are made of stamped brass.

Measurements are respective to stated blade lengths.

  • Approximate Blade Lengths: 28", 30", and 32"
  • Approximate Total Lengths: 36", 37.5", and 40.25"
  • Approximate Weights (Sword Only): 1.00 lbs, 1.05 lbs., and 1.15 lbs.
  • Approximate Total Weights (Swords + Scabbards): 1.45 lbs., 1.5 lbs., and 1.7 lbs.