Wudang Fu Chen White Horse Tail Whisk Fuchen Rosewood Handle

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The Fuchen Horsetail Whisk is an unorthodox weapon that truly combines the Yin and Yang with a hard handle and soft, whip-like tail that can be used to aim for pressure points and strike, block, deflect, attack, and more importantly, snatch an opponent's weapon then counter-attack. This is often a surprise to the opponent(s) in a fight or competition.

Wrap and shoot, whip, sweep and hack etc.. It can be used as a sword, as a saber, as a weapon
- High quality simulated natural colour horsehair (indistinguishable from the real thing)
- Exceptionally-crafted black woven net and band

Length - 60cm
Weight - Approx. 100g

Length - 70cm
Weight - Approx. 150g

Length - 75cm
Weight - Approx. 200g

Length - 80cm
Weight - Approx. 250g