Traditional Straight Sword

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The Traditional Straight Sword blade is made with cold-rolled, chrome plated steel. It is lightweight with a stiff blade having virtually no flex. These traditional straight swords are available in 26", 27", and 29" blade lengths. The fittings made of strong steel, and the whole package gives a very utilitarian, functional look. The design of the scabbard and fittings are done in the traditional style. The straight swords are perfect for traditional practice, demonstration, or competition. They can also be used as an excellent means of strength conditioning by wushu players used to light-weight, flexible weapons...a noticeable increase in speed and power can be achieved through practicing with heavier weapons.

  • Approximate Sword Weight: 26"-1 lb., 27"-1.04", 29"-1.07
  • Approximate Handle Length (Between guard and pommel): 5.25"
  • Sword Not Sharpened