Ching Qing Emperor Straight Sword

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The design of the Qing Emperor Straight Sword is a cavalry pattern from the first Qing Emperor’s personal sword. It has an exquisitely fancy and detailed engraved fitting.

Blade: This sword blade is diamond shaped made out of high carbon steel. It is very sturdy and will not flex. The blade is blunt and rounded off at the edge. The tempering process creates a satin finish to the blade. One side of the blade has a hand engraving of a dragon and seven stars while the other side has Chinese character of the sword maker and characters for “Ching Emperor Sword.”

Fittings: Solid cast brass fittings are intricately engraved with dragons in a coiled pose. The hand guard has a flowing design of a fierce tiger’s face.

Scabbard: Solid plum blossom wood which has dark rich brown and light yellow- brown grain. It has been sanded to a fine and smooth surface then sealed with a natural oil finish.  Scabbard has a red lanyard to match the tassel.

Recommended: Use it for every day training, internal styles of Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Bagua or traditional external styles, as a decorative piece or as a special gift.

  • Blade lengths: 28", 30", and 32"                                                      
  • Overall length: 28" overall 37"; 30" overall 37.5"; 32 " overall 41"
  • Scabbard weight:  1 lbs.
  • Sword weight:  28" - 1.70 lbs.; 30" - 1.85 lbs.; 32" - 2.05 lbs.
  • Handle length: Approx. 7" including pommel.
  • Balancing point is approximately 5.5" - 7" from guard.

Please Note: Swords are hand forged so information given can vary slightly for each sword.