Combat Steel Broadsword Long Chuan Semi Stiff Blade

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Our Combat Steel Broadsword specially made for us by Shen Long Chuan Factory in China.  This broadsword is constructed of hand-forged high-carbon steel.  The blade is solid and rigid, while still being semi flexible under force.  The handle is made of Chinese maple, with the fittings constructed of brass.  The blade is blunt but could hold a live edge.  This is a solid, combat-worthy hand-forged blade. The guard, pommel, and fittings are made of brass. Each Combat Broadsword comes with pictured flags and a carrying case.

Approximate Weight (sword):

28" 1.40 lbs.

30" 1.55 lbs.

31" 1.60 lbs

32" 1.70 lbs.

Approximate Balance Points:

28" Blade: 6" from hilt

30" Blade: 7" from hilt

31" Blade: 7" from hilt

32" Blade: 7.5" from hilt